There comes a time when all tyres need to be traded in for a new set, but in the meantime, taking care of your wheels could save your money and extend the time you have with your current set. At Nanaimo Wheaton GM, we get a lot of questions about general car care and maintenance, but something that often gets forgotten is tyre care. Check out these 4 tips on how to extend the life of your tyres and spend less in years to come on replacements.


1. Check Them For Damage



Tyres go through a lot; from general wear on your commute to work, to pot holes, extreme weather, and debris. Your tyres can become cracked, torn, and damaged by driving over rocks, glass, nails, or screws on the road, and you might not even realize it until it’s too late. To stay on top of any damage your tyres take, and reduce the need for constant replacements, check your tires once a week.


If you enjoy off-roading, camping, or have gone over any intense terrain you should check your tyres the following day for damage. Patches are available for small punctures, but any excessive repairs should be seen to by a professional.



2. Rotate Your Tyres



Every car rides on its tires a little differently, and this means that one side will wear down faster than the other. To even this wear out, you should rotate your tyres every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. You can have this done at any automotive shop, and your technician should be able to lookup the correct alignment for your vehicle and wheel type.


Not only will this help you wear your tyres down more evenly, but it will also reduce excessive depletion of your tread, which is what helps you grip the road when you drive. Before or during rotation, ask your technician to check for any irregularities in the tires, such as bumps, or dips. Irregularities can affect the way you drive, which can in turn affect the rest of your tyres and wear them more quickly.



3. Keep Them Clean



The majority of North Americans don’t have the time to wash their car more than once a week, so why not make it a package deal, and do it all at once. After you’ve given your car a good cleaning, hose down your tyres, scrub them with a tire brush, and polish them with protectant. Not only will this make your tyres appear brand new again, it will also help you to identify any deep grooves or scrapes that have appeared over the past week.


Cleaning your tyres every once in a while allows you to pull out rocks and other debris that has stuck between the grooves. This will give you a smoother ride, and increase friction against the road, which provides better handling on turns and stops.



4. Air Pressure



The pressure if your tyres is extremely important, and should be checked regularly, not just if you’re concerned that you have a flat. The pressure in your tyres helps your wheels to wear evenly, and can give you better traction on the road so that you aren’t overspending on gas due to lost mileage in transit. You should check your air pressure once every month, and especially after any extreme driving, or before a long excursion.


You can check your tyre pressure and fill up at most gas stations or automotive service stops. If you’re unsure about how to fill your tyres, ask you technician the next time you visit the shop to show you what to do. This regular practice can increase the life of your tyres and keep you driving on the same set for longer.


For more information on tire care, new and used vehicles, contact us at Nanaimo Wheaton GM today. We are always looking out for our customer’s best interests, which is why we hope you’ve gained some insight from these tips for your own tyre care. Check out our other recent blogs for more car news and tips.