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What to Look for in Good Tyre Brands

When it comes to purchasing a car, it is a major investment; one that you may have to plan for well ahead of the actual purchase. Unfortunately, maintaining your car can also be a pretty big investment as well, especially when it comes to tyres. In most cases, tyres need to be replaced once a year and even changed out when the seasons change. Add to that the many different brands you have to choose from, each touting different features that range from better performance to better mileage.

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4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tyres

There comes a time when all tyres need to be traded in for a new set, but in the meantime, taking care of your wheels could save your money and extend the time you have with your current set. At Nanaimo Wheaton GM, we get a lot of questions about general car care and maintenance, but something that often gets forgotten is tyre care. Check out these 4 tips on how to extend the life of your tyres and spend less in years to come on replacements.

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5 Things to Check Out on The Test Drive

At Nanaimo Wheaton GM, we see plenty of test drives off the lot, and we encourage you to test drive your next potential vehicle as well. The test drive is what tells you if there’s something going on inside a vehicle that isn’t necessarily visible on the outside. Is a part beginning to go south? Does the brake stick when you stop? These are all problems your initial test drive will sort out for you.

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Buying a New Car? Here’s What You Should Know

Buying a new car is always a big step, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you sign any documents or strike up a deal. Things to consider include cost, the dealer’s reputation, your personal finances, vehicle safety and standards, as well as special features. Here are some of the top considerations new car buyers make before leaving the lot.

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