When it comes to purchasing a car, it is a major investment; one that you may have to plan for well ahead of the actual purchase. Unfortunately, maintaining your car can also be a pretty big investment as well, especially when it comes to tyres. In most cases, tyres need to be replaced once a year and even changed out when the seasons change. Add to that the many different brands you have to choose from, each touting different features that range from better performance to better mileage.

Some people simply take the easier option and just buy whatever tyre the car came with. They know they will get exactly what they need for their car and there will be no surprises. But there are some people who would like their new tyres to provide enhanced performance, better traction or even more control in corners. Whatever your specific needs, you may find that choosing a new tyre from all the brands available could be like finding a specific needle in a stack of needles. So, how do you go about finding the best tyre for you? What kind of things should you be looking for?


Budget vs. Premium


Anyone who has ever bought tyres has quickly learned that there is a tyre for everything under the sun. You first want to decide if you want to buy budget or premium tyre brands. Many wonder if the premium brands are actually worth the hefty premium price that they usually come with. No doubt, it was the huge differential in price that caught your attention. More often than not, you might be tempted to go for the value brand as a cost saving measure. However, there is good reason to look at what a premium brand can provide that a lower priced brand cannot deliver.


What You Get in Premium Brand


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There are several premium brands that have become household words over the years. Think Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, and Michelin. While they can quickly tally up a huge bill, these tyre brands do have something worthwhile to offer. They have consistently performed better against other tyre manufacturers in a wide range of categories. Not only will you get better mileage than the cheaper tyre brands but they also provide improved wear and better grip on the road.

Premium tyres are usually the ones that will introduce the latest technology, better engineering, and are safer on the road than the budget brands. If you are one that does a lot of driving or frequently need to drive in a wide range of varying conditions, then it may be a smart move to go with the premium tyres and pay that extra differential. You may find that you save in the long run by spending a little extra later on.


Mid-Range Tyre Brands


Maybe you’re one that doesn’t need to pay top dollar for a set of new tyres but you don’t want to be scraping the bottom of the barrel either. For those, the mid-range tyre brands could be your best option. These mid-priced tyres are usually made by the same companies that develop the premium brands but under a completely different name. They are a very good compromise giving you an option for better fuel efficiency as the budget tyres and some of the new technology offered in the premium brand but at a more favorable price.


Budget Tyres


When you purchase budget tyres you will certainly save up front on cost. However, whether you save in the long run will depend largely on how you drive. Budget tyres are usually built for those who do not do a lot of highway driving, and drive at slower speeds on more surface streets. If you’re the type of driver that doesn’t do a lot of driving and where long distances are not an issue, then choosing budget tyre brands may be the smartest option.

When it comes to choosing the best brand of tyre for you, there are many factors that need to be considered. The type of conditions you need to drive in, the seasons, and the location will have a large bearing on making the right choice. Still, with so many options to choose from there is definitely a tyre brand designed exactly for you.